Oprah…. save a seat for one of your biggest fans!

Anyone who knows me knows that it is a DREAM of mine to get ticket to the OPRAH show!! Now that it is her 25th season, it is really crunch time. I have tried everything to get tickets – called, emailed, tweeted – you name it. So, now I decided to do something a little more creative… and drastic!

From now until the end of Oprah’s season I am going to leave video messages for Oprah in HOPES that her or her staff see the effort and creativity (hint, hint) 🙂 that I am putting forth and will SAVE ME A SEAT!

So Oprah or anyone on Oprah’s team – please check out my Facebook page and YouTube page dedicated to this cause!

Why do I want to go to the Oprah show? Well, I have many reasons but one of the main reasons is the inspiration she has been to me and so many girls and women across the world. It is amazing to me the impact Oprah has had on people of every race, color, age and background.

So stay tuned…… and psssst Oprah…. SAVE ME A SEAT!! 🙂

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2 Responses to Oprah…. save a seat for one of your biggest fans!

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  2. Norma Carlson says:

    Pleaseeee get me a seat too!!

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