Right here right now – is the best place to be

I figure it is definitely time to update this blog! I spend so much time writing and blogging at work that this blog has gotten a little neglected! Thank to my friend Cynthia Long for inspiring me to write more on this blog and Marisa Cox whose real estate mommy blog cracks me up and makes me feel NORMAL!!

So what is new in our household? Well Luke is now 5 months old – can you believe it? Wasn’t I just pregnant and counting the days until his arrival? Having 2 kids is awesome, tiring, crazy, fun, silly, messy, and so much more. I looked at my husband tonight and asked, “How did we lose control of our house?!” LOL!! It’s not that our house is that bad… just a little messy. There seems to always be dishes to wash, laundry to fold, kids artwork piled up, toys on the floor, my stuff everywhere, etc.

I have absolutely loved having two kids. It is so awesome to see Luke grow and change and develop into his own personality. He is so happy and mellow. I fall more and more in love with him every day. I cherish this time even more so because I know how fleeting it is. My husband said to me tonight, “You’re really cuddly with him tonight!” Which I know I was… because this time goes by so fast. In a couple months he’ll be crawling and then walking and then running! He’s still small and I can kiss and cuddle him all I want!

Owen, our three year old makes me smile every day. He has become such a great big brother and I am so proud of him. I make sure he knows every day how much I love him and how proud I am of him. He recently discovered my iPhone and the kids apps on it. This makes mommy a little nervous with this $200 “toy!” He has also become fascinated with puzzles. I love to just watch him and watch his brain work – I can almost hear him thinking and working out how to do things. I know every parent says this, but he is so smart and kind. I watch him with other kids and he is such a sweet boy. He also says the cutest things, his latest phrase is: “mommy, the sun is waking up!” (or “the sun is sleeping”) – so sweet and innocent.

I feel so very blessed. On the days where I’m stressed out, had no sleep, don’t feel well, or are cranky – I just remember that this time – this sliver of time will go by so quickly. So I don’t worry about the tropical week long vacations I’m missing out on, or the crumbs in my car.

I know that right here, right now is exactly where I want to be and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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