‘Tis the Season to say Thank You!

I am a big believer in saying ‘Thank you’ – whether it be by email, phone, in person, or a written card. Most people just don’t take the time to say ‘thanks’ – why? They are busy, it’s not a priority, etc. But in this day and age, I really encourage you to take an ‘attitude of gratitude!’

Here are my 5 favorite quick and easy ways to say ‘Thank you!’:

1. Leave feedback for any products you purchase. I recently purchased a Christmas stocking on Amazon.com. Before I threw my packing slip, away I logged on and in less than a minute, I left this seller a great feedback score. Why? I was really happy with the purchase, it looked better in person than online, and she shipped it very fast. So this season, if you are buying online like many of us – take the time to leave feedback.

2. Leave product reviews. If you have purchased something you loved (or hated!) take the time to do a quick product review. Most big box online stores have consumer product reviews. I love when I go to buy something and I can read reviews of others who have bought the same item. You should do the same for restaurants or medical services – you can do this on Yelp.com.

3. Post a comment on Facebook praising a product or service and tag them. If you are super happy with a product or store – post a comment and “tag” them. You need to “like” their page first. Search on Facebook for the product or store and click “like.” Once you’ve liked them, go to your home page and in your status update type a message like “What a great experience I had with @abc company – 2 thumbs up!” Once you start to type the “@” sign – you’ll see a list of all the pages you like. (see below)

Once you click on it – they will be tagged and your post will show up on their page. This is a great way for them to see the feedback you have provided and share it with anyone else who is a fan of their page.

4. Send handwritten thank you cards. Don’t put the gift away until the thank you card is written, addressed and ready to be mailed. You know why people don’t mail thank you cards? They are lazy! Or, their mother never taught them! 🙂 Make a list of gifts you receive and who sent them and then send a quick thank you note!

5. Thank the cashiers at the stores you visit. After working in retail for years, I always make sure to smile and thank the weary people working in the stores I visit. Working retail is hard work and probably the most under-respected and under-appreciated job out there. At the holidays you get to deal with crazy stressed out people – so any extra ‘thank you’ really goes a long way!

Here are my quick tips – what are yours? Would love to hear your feedback – leave me a comment below!

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