A picture is worth a thousand words

I found a very cool and very addicting site this weekend: Wordle. Wordle is a site that lets you input words or a link to a blog or website, and from there, it reads the words and creates a word collage or a “word cloud.” It’s pretty fun to play around with the words, fonts and colors to see what you can create. I’ve tried making one of these in Illustrator before – and although they are just words, it can be time intensive. Wordle creates it in a click of a button.

Here are 2 I created. The first one is using the URL of this site Mommyhood and Marketing:

The second is from the other blog I write for: The Future of Real Estate Marketing

Once you create your Wordle you can customize the layout, color and design. You can then take a screen shot to use on your website or blog.

If you have a website or a blog, a “wordle” may be a fun addition to your site to tell people what you are all about. Enjoy!

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