A case of the mommy brain

I swear, sometimes “mommy brain” takes over! There is a myth that when you are pregnant you lose brain cells. I really don’t think it’s myth – I think it definitely happens and I think I may have permanently lost a few last night.

Let me back up…

A couple days ago, a friend of mine asked me to watch her cats while she was out of town this Thanksgiving weekend. I said, “sure, no problem.” So she dropped off her key last week, and being that I had watched her cats last year around the same time, I didn’t think to get her address again.

Not good.

Fast forward to last night. After we put the kids down I tell my husband, “don’t let me forget, I have to run to Kim’s to feed her cats.” So around 9:00 PM I head out the door. I’m driving down the street and talking to myself: “ok, i think it’s right down here….” As I get closer I realize that a) it’s dark, b) all the streets are looking the same (hmmm was it this court… or that one?) and c) that all the houses were looking the same.

Again, not good.

So then I say to myself, “c’mon Katie, don’t doubt yourself, you know where she lives!” I then pull up to a corner house that looks familiar. All the lights are off so I think that this must be it! I park the car, grab her key, and walk up to the front porch. I put the key in, attempt to turn the lock and it doesn’t work! I try it again – jiggling the handle and the key. It was at that moment that I realized what I had done – I WAS AT THE WRONG HOUSE!!! Oh my God! I couldn’t believe it. I hurried back to my car, and quickly drove off. Then in my rear view mirror I see some lights go on it the house. Oh my goodness – they probably thought they were getting broken into!! I felt so silly!!

So then I look on my phone for Kim’s email to see if I can find her address anywhere – no dice. So I sheepishly text her and then call her saying…. “Um, what is your address? I think I almost broke into someone’s house!!”

I wait a few minutes and decide to head home. Around 10 pm Kim texts me back with her address which confirms that YES I almost went into a random person’s house. 🙂


It’s a case of the mommy brain!

So I hope back in the car, head to her correct address, and YEP I pass the other house I almost broke into (now more lights are on the house!!) I quickly drive by and get to her house (which NOW looks familiar – geez!). The cats are all fed and litter box clean. I left the house thinking – ok now I know where she lives but every day for the next 5 days I’m going to have to drive past that other house.

Gotta love that “mommy brain!”

P.S. I am REALLY glad I did not have the baby with me – can you imagine??? 🙂

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