Where to put the baby? Baby stations!

One of the little things I forgot about when you have a newborn are the baby stations. The baby stations are all the different places you can put the baby. These stations are important because as the baby cries or gets fussy, or you need to put a load of laundry in (7+ baby outfits a day = lots of laundry), or mom has to go to the bathroom 🙂 – it’s important to have different safe places to put the baby!

Luke on his favorite 'baby station' - the play mat!

Baby stations in our house include:

  • The crib with the all-important mobile. Why oh why, can’t they invent a mobile that just keeps playing music and rotating (without having to keep winding it up?) There probably is one.. I need to google that!
  • The Pack ‘N Play
  • The swing with the very important sound buttons (music, rainforest, etc)
  • The play mat – this one is Luke’s favorite!
  • The bouncy seat (this is a station at Gamma and Gampa’s house)
  • The car seat (brought in the house – don’t leave the baby in the car!) 🙂 (I know, DUH… but still I feel obligated to say that!)

So once the baby is awake, fed, clean, and dry but not tired – the baby stations begin. Here are some of the variations of the baby stations at our house:

  • Holding, cuddling, baby on the lap, holding, swing,
  • Holding, cuddling, play mat, holding, cuddling, crib
  • Holding, cuddling, Pack ‘N Play, holding, cuddling, crib

The variations are endless! 🙂

Requirements of the station include: something safe for baby, somewhere my 3 year old can not easily get to the baby (no always possible), and something with either bars or a harness device. 🙂

As the baby gets older, the stations get more exciting (and larger):

  • An exercauser
  • A jumper
  • A walker (although I am not a fan of these)
  • A bumbo
  • A highchair

And then they start crawling and walking… then the real fun begins!

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