An easy holiday crap (whoops I mean craft) project

I instantly fell in love with this blog recently: Crap I’ve Made – awesome blog title!

Check out this super easy Christmas project she posted on Monday – it was so simple and creative I wanted to repost it here.

Dry Erase Letters to Santa

“Do your kids change their minds approximately 8754 times before Christmas? Mine do. And that was precisely the reason I came up with this project.”

Click here for the original blog post and instructions >>

I thought these may even be cute for me to make, to drop a couple hints to Paul about Christmas gifts. I also thought instead of Santa lists, these could be used to jot down notes about holiday parties or events, reminders, or notes of things we are grateful for.

Supplies needed: a few frames, a pen, and patterned paper – how simple is that!

Do you have a fun and simple holiday project? Tell me about it or leave me a comment below!

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