Everything but the kitchen sink

My husband and I went out on a “date night” last night. I am very fortunate to have parents who are young, healthy, live close by, and love their grandkids more than anything in the world. So when I called my mom and asked if she mind watching the boys for a couple hours so Paul and I could go see a movie – she said YES!

This was the second time we had gone out just the two of us in about 2 months – since Luke was born. We were very excited to have a couple hours alone and to see The Social Network which I had really wanted to see.

As we got ready to get going, I laughed at 2 things:

  1. The amount of TIME it actually takes to leave the house once we decide to leave.
  2. The amount of STUFF that is required to bring when we leave this house.

As I’m running around gathering all the stuff, I’m shaking my head and smiling. We got pretty used to just having Owen – now adding baby #2 into the mix – you forget all the gear that a little 10 pound baby needs!

Here’s the breakdown:

For Luke (7 weeks old): 4-5 outfits, 4-6 burp cloths, 2 receiving blankets, 4-6 bibs, 1 can of formula, 2 bottles, extra diapers and wipers (my mom keeps these at her house – but just in case), blankie, pacifier, hat, carseat, diaper bag (with more stuff inside!). Thankfully my mom and dad have a Pack ‘N Play, sheets, and an infant bouncy seat at their house – so no need to bring those too. Also it was nighttime, so no need for the stroller!

For Owen (3 years old): PJ’s, potty seat and  “potty snacks” (because, oh yes, in the midst of a newborn we are doing potty training too!), toy train, blankie, jacket, carseat.

For us: cell phones, wallets, purse, jacket/sweater, keys, sunglasses, water bottle

Granted, this date was just 2-3 hours tops. So for all of you married without kids or single – enjoy being able to leave to go anywhere at the drop of a hat and enjoy not having to schlep the kitchen sink! 🙂

On a side note, we had an awesome time out – all the schlepping was definitely worth it! (Thanks Mom and Dad!)


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