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‘Tis the Season to say Thank You!

I am a big believer in saying ‘Thank you’ – whether it be by email, phone, in person, or a written card. Most people just don’t take the time to say ‘thanks’ – why? They are busy, it’s not a … Continue reading

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A picture is worth a thousand words

I found a very cool and very addicting site this weekend: Wordle. Wordle is a site that lets you input words or a link to a blog or website, and from there, it reads the words and creates a word … Continue reading

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A case of the mommy brain

I swear, sometimes “mommy brain” takes over! There is a myth that when you are pregnant you lose brain cells. I really don’t think it’s myth – I think it definitely happens and I think I may have permanently lost … Continue reading

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Where to put the baby? Baby stations!

One of the little things I forgot about when you have a newborn are the baby stations. The baby stations are all the different places you can put the baby. These stations are important because as the baby cries or … Continue reading

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The perfect holiday gift for social media, tech and design geeks

You know you are a social media, tech, or design geek when you find these throw pillows irresistibly charming. I must have these! Anyone out there reading this who maybe thinking of getting me a gift – I would love … Continue reading

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Being a mother, a daughter, and a friend

I don’t have much time to read, so when I take the time to read a book, you better believe it is worth it! If you haven’t heard of Kelly Corrigan, you are missing out. I first heard Kelly of … Continue reading

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An easy holiday crap (whoops I mean craft) project

I instantly fell in love with this blog recently: Crap I’ve Made – awesome blog title! Check out this super easy Christmas project she posted on Monday – it was so simple and creative I wanted to repost it here. … Continue reading

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Social media buzz: Facebook’s Social Inbox and Path

Regardless if you are a mom, a marketer, a small business owner, a CEO, or anyone else – social media has profoundly changed they way we keep in touch with people, how we receive news, how we complain or praise … Continue reading

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My love/hate relationship with family portraits

I have a love/hate relationship with family portraits. I love the outcome; everyone perfectly dressed, every hair in place, everyone smiling, and everyone hoping it won’t turn into an awkward family photo. 🙂 I hate the stress of it all; … Continue reading

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Maternity leave the second time around

77 days. This is how long I have been on maternity leave. When I was pregnant in 2007 with Owen, I went through the same thing as this time around with Luke: preparing to go on leave, spending hours at work … Continue reading

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