Manic Monday: My Favorite Mommyhood and Marketing Articles

Happy Monday! Monday’s also seem to be chock-full of interesting stories and articles on my Facebook page and Twitter feed. Since this blog is about my 2 passions: Mommyhood and Marketing – I thought it would be fun to post some links to articles I read today that I thought were worthy of sharing. Enjoy!

Manic Monday: My Favorite Links on Mommyhood

  1. Happy People Make People Happy — But You Can’t MAKE Someone Happy.
  2. 5 Ways Pregnancy is Good Practice for Motherhood
  3. 5 myths about baby talk
  4. I Love Kids. Mostly My Own.
  5. Managing morning mania: 3 tips for smoothing school mornings

Manic Monday: My Favorite Links on Marketing

  1. 5 New Ways to Market Your Brand on Facebook
  2. Why Social Media is Perfect for Brand Ambassador Campaigns
  3. 100 Brains: HootSuite’s Ryan Holmes and his solution for addressing social media ROI
  4. Facebook for BlackBerry Gets a Facelift
  5. Facebook reaches 62% of online Americans

Bonus: One more, thing – I don’t know about you but I love looking at Etsy and seeing so many beautiful items. Here is my pick of the day!

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