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An inspired idea – let’s get creative!

One of the things I hope to post on this blog are some of the amazing and beautiful things I find online. I may not always have the time to be crafty, but I love looking at other people’s works … Continue reading

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Every age is my favorite age

I seem to be saying lately that this age is my favorite age. Owen is 3 and Luke is 6 weeks. Owen is at such a cute age. He talks all the time, uses his imagination, can somewhat get dressed/undressed … Continue reading

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Manic Monday: My Favorite Mommyhood and Marketing Articles

Happy Monday! Monday’s also seem to be chock-full of interesting stories and articles on my Facebook page and Twitter feed. Since this blog is about my 2 passions: Mommyhood and Marketing – I thought it would be fun to post … Continue reading

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[New Product] Woogie: The Huggable Case for the iPhone

Someone had a very good idea – wish it was me! I know Owen loves to play with my iPhone, but I always have my eagle eye on him so he doesn’t drop the $200 “toy!” Check out this new … Continue reading

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Why I have a love/hate relationship with the pacifier

I’m sure I’m a lot like other moms and dads. I have a love/hate relationship with Luke’s pacifier. I know there is some debate about whether to use a pacifier or not, and how long a child should use one. … Continue reading

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6 tips for finding a quality home daycare

Earlier this week, I was able to stay a little longer at Owen’s daycare than usual (a perk being on maternity leave!) I got to watch him do ‘circle time’ and see how he is around his friends. I was … Continue reading

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Being a good mom

I think anyone who is a mom has a notion of what a “good mom” is. We are pretty harsh on ourselves and other moms. I know I’ve been guilty! I’ve silently judged other moms I’ve seen out and about … Continue reading

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Marriage – 9 years and counting!

9 years ago I married my best friend. 9 years, 6 jobs, 5 moves, 4 cars, 3 cats, and 2 kids later, we beat the odds and are still together – happier and wiser for better or worse! What I’ve … Continue reading

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Parenting – doing what comes naturally

Parenting can’t be that hard – right? I found this comic a while back – I wish I could credit the source (my apologies to the artist.) I thought it was hilarious – enjoy! edited: ┬áThank you Jen Wright for … Continue reading

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Catch your breath and count your blessings

A crying baby… I forgot how stressful a crying baby can be. A baby can’t tell you if they are hungry or tired, or wet or uncomfortable – all they can do is cry. And when you’ve tried everything, it’s … Continue reading

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